My Favorite Spring Collections

I CANNOT DECIDE! I am torn between two collections this season and I cannot pick my favorite. Although the two stores I’ve chosen were a bit unexpected for me, and I should actually have chosen H&M (H&M=life), Forever21 and Urban Outfitters have to be my favorite. Gosh, I feel like I am cheating on H&M. So, here’s my defense…

Forever21’s collection consists of “sheer colors”. The color of each garment can be found somewhere on the bright neon rainbow. The clothes are made of a light and, as expected, sheer chiffon material. They did a lot with layering this season, as every photo in the lookbook involves intricate layers. The creative brains at Forever21 worked hard this season to come up with new ways of wearing everyday clothing, like the wrap (which I believe is a shirt-but I could totally be completely wrong) around the hips of the model sporting the look “fade out”. Also, her head wrap is unusually thick and looks almost like a shirt, which is definitely not the type of headpiece spring usually sees. The jewelry and shoes are easily representative of this collection, as they also include every neon color in existence.

Urban Outfitters’s collection has such a 1950s feel which I absolutely love. They have such retro sunglasses in the prettiest colors. These are definitely my favorite. Their jewelry is dripping in jewels of all sizes and colors. Gorgeous. They kind of remind me of a castle or a king of some sort. They have a vast variety of different styles of shoes. A must have is the classic peach polka dot heels. The collections holds so many different styles. It has 1950s style heels but also carries blue cowboy booties and sneakers. The dresses in this collection have high scoop necks which will flatter any figure. The dresses and shorts have such a feminine fit which is an excellent quality in the spring. Perfect for picnics! Going along with this same unbelievable theme, the shorts are all high waisted and embellished with little polka dots or lace. The jeans in the collection come in classic spring pastels and prints but are all high waisted which adds that 50s feel that I was talking about. The collection also embraces the rocker style, incorporating oversized khaki and military jackets. This part of the collection does not appeal to me too much but I just died when I saw the rest of it (literally I screamed and teared up a bit) so I just had to include it in my favorites. I will definitely be purchasing most of, if not the entire, collection.

Thanks for reading! If you know of a spring 2013 collection that is better than these, please let me know!! I love looking at all the different ways stores do seasons. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel!