How To: Styling!

Hey guys! This post is a little inspired by my other post about blogging, in that it is a bunch of tips of how to style yourself, your friends, your grandmother, anyone. These are all my opinion, but I think they are pretty basic and fundamental so, they can definitely be altered to fit your particular style.

First, always dress appropriately! There are two ways to do this; one is to dress according to the weather. Always check the weather for the place you are going to and the day on which you will be there. I know it is obvious to just assume it will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the weather can surprise you, which is currently very evident here in Jersey. Please check out my How To Dress For the In Between Season post for tips on dressing for certain weather forecasts. The second appropriate way to dress is according to the event you are attending. Whether it be school or a gala, make sure you are not too revealing, too under dressed or too over dressed. I, personally, think that work outfits should be more conservative than a night out outfit, and can be more conservative that your weekend wardrobe, but that is entirely up to you. I say dress nice to work, fun at night, and experiment on the weekend.

Second, do not be TOO conservative. I went through a phase as a middle school student, during which I would wear a camisole or tank top under everything. I carried this trend on for a while because I thought I was never completely covered unless I wore a camisole. Then, one day, I realized it is possible to wear just one shirt! I think people often make the mistake of layering unnecessarily. If your shirt is not cut too low, and does not show your stomach in an unflattering way, you do not need an undershirt and please do not wear one! Trust me, it is like a whole new world wearing less layers.

Next, take risks! Do not be afraid to mix prints, styles, and textures. I suggest always trying on a combination before nixing it because, honestly, you really do not know if something looks good until it is on your body. And definitely think outside of the box. There is no shame in being creative with your style, so look at your closet and put together the two most different items – it could spark inspiration. Also, look for new ways to wear things. Scarfs, for example, can be belts or head pieces or even shirts. Getting creative with your clothing will expand your closet and amp up your style.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to accessorize! Accessories, I think, MAKE the entire outfit. They really tie it together and, sometimes, are the biggest aspect to an outfit. I would recommend investing in some good jewelry. And by “good”, I mean diverse. Buy bangles that have tons of styles and colors in one set. This way, you can pair each bangle separately with a different outfit. Also, necklaces are becoming more and more prominent in today’s style so, definitely get some huge statement necklaces; they can turn a plain tee into a cute detailed blouse.

Lastly, own your own style. I have given you all of these tips for styling, but I think the most important tip is to be confident. If you are not the kind of person that wears leopard shoes and leather jackets, use it to your advantage and rock that shift dress and flats. There is a style for everyone whether it be preppy, edgy, grunge, sporty, or vintage. Your style is out there so, own it.

Thanks so much for reading! Comment and let me know your style or let me know if any of these tips helped you out!


How To Dress For the “In Between” Season

photo by: Josh Jones Photos

photo by: Josh Jones Photos

Hey guys!! Today I am going to talk about something that has caused me great stress and frustration in the past couple of weeks – the weather! Being a Jersey girl, I have to adapt to unusually bipolar weather conditions. For example, I was frozen solid yesterday and today I cannot look outside without squinting. For those of you who have that urge to wear shorts because it is Spring, but cannot because you are shivering, I am here to help! I will explain to you how I plan my outfits for the bipolar season and, hopefully, help sooth your scattering brain in the morning.

The first thing I do in the morning is check the weather. I have bookmarked for NJ on my bookmarks bar – super convenient. Now, all of my outfits accord to the weather so I will begin with one weather condition and continue with the rest.

First, “sunny, in the high 50s/low 60s”. This is SO confusing, right? How am I supposed to dress for that kind of weather – it makes no sense. On a day like this, I would wear something warm, such as jeans or high socks and a long sleeved or 3/4 sleeved top, but dress in bright colors. Since the sun makes it seem like it should be hot, dressing in bright colors will allow you to blend in to the scene. But, we do not want anyone frozen solid, so dress warmly and stay covered!

Another weather condition I often run in to is “rainy, in the high 60s/ low 70s”. This situation is perfect for a hat. Feel free to wear a dress or shorts, but I would ditch the flip flops and sun glasses. Dress in darker colors to match the atmosphere and go for a knit hat and maybe a scarf. Also, sleeves will work nicely with a hat to keep the cold raindrops off your skin.

Probably the trickiest weather condition to dress for is “partly cloudy and in the high 60s/70s“. This calls for judgement. You kind of have to determine what partly cloudy means on your own terms. That being said, I think it is safe to say a sweater or jacket of some kind should be carried around. Colors depend on the “partly cloudy” type of weather in your town. I would mix colors. For example, a dark dress with high socks accented with bright colors and a scarf to match the accented color.

Lastly, (I do not think anyone has trouble with this, but I feel like I should mention it) when it is sunny with warm temperatures, dress in bright colors and cool clothes. Conversely, if it is cold with cooler temperatures, dress in darker colors and warm clothes.

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope this was helpful! Keep checking in for more posts!

My Go To Stores – Online and In Store


Hey guys! As many of you know, I have been on the hunt for a red A-line skirt, which means that I have been digging deep into the retail corners of my mind for stores where I could find this skirt. So, I thought it would be great to share with all of you the places I shop on a daily basis and those which I shop at when I have been looking for something for just about ever. I also have discovered some new websites that I really enjoy and will definitely be sharing with you. Of course, these stores are strictly apparel and beauty.

I will start with my go-to stores. The first place I will shop at for something specific is H&M because it is my absolute favorite store and I know it will usually carry the product I am looking for. If H&M does not have the item or does not have it at the price I would like, I look at Forever 21. Forever 21 has such a variety of items that they will have what I am looking for 90% of the time. Unfortunately, the items on the website are often out of stock and the store in my area is pretty difficult to navigate. In addition, I will look at ASOS and Papaya. When those stores are not an option, I look at Francesca’s, Nordstrom, and Topshop. These stores are equally expensive, or at least for a fro-yo store salary, so I usually do not end up purchasing the item at these stores, but I look just in case. Lastly, I will go to the mall and look in pretty much every store until I find the item I want. I will start with the stores previously mentioned because, most of the time, the item may be in the store if it is sold out online. I will also run to Target, since it is right by my house, and see what they have there.

If I am looking for shoes, I will go to the store and website for DSW first. If I cannot find the shoes at DSW, which is almost never the case, I will go to Macy’s or Nordstrom and will usually find the shoes at one of the two. For makeup, I go to Sephora, always, first. I find that they have the largest selection of makeup, but Ulta does have quite a large selection as well. I will purchase makeup at one or the other.

In my journey to find the apparently non-existent red skirt, I discovered some new stores that I had never known of before. Most of them came from Beyond Beauty Star so, thanks to her! I was looking at Tobi, Nasty Gal, and Go Jane. All of these stores have super trendy pieces and great prices. I love it! Also, I have been loving which is a fantastic place to get makeup, hair, or dermatology products all in one shipment. How amazingly convenient is that?

A great place to find stores to shop at is The Budget Babe. She has a link of just a list of stores to shop at. It is great! Anyway, thank you guys so much for reading! Check out my YouTube channel and stay tuned for more of my cruise series! Only ten more days!!

Trend to Try

I have been absolutely dying to try this new trend that I saw on lookbook recently. I cannot believe I have not already tried this-it is literally genius. Okay, maybe not genius but I am dying to finally try it out. I cannot find the picture anymore and I’m so mad at myself. The photo was of a girl wearing all black and grey and then her lips were bright neon orange. When I saw the picture I was immediately drawn to her lips. I did not even realize that she was in all black-the lips totally pulled everything together. I love using makeup as an accessory because I feel like not many people do that so it is such a fresh trend to use. I think I am going to try it out tomorrow-CANNOT WAIT. So look out for that OOTD and try it yourself and show me or just tell me how you like it. Thanks for reading! Subscribe! And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel!

My Favorite Spring Collections

I CANNOT DECIDE! I am torn between two collections this season and I cannot pick my favorite. Although the two stores I’ve chosen were a bit unexpected for me, and I should actually have chosen H&M (H&M=life), Forever21 and Urban Outfitters have to be my favorite. Gosh, I feel like I am cheating on H&M. So, here’s my defense…

Forever21’s collection consists of “sheer colors”. The color of each garment can be found somewhere on the bright neon rainbow. The clothes are made of a light and, as expected, sheer chiffon material. They did a lot with layering this season, as every photo in the lookbook involves intricate layers. The creative brains at Forever21 worked hard this season to come up with new ways of wearing everyday clothing, like the wrap (which I believe is a shirt-but I could totally be completely wrong) around the hips of the model sporting the look “fade out”. Also, her head wrap is unusually thick and looks almost like a shirt, which is definitely not the type of headpiece spring usually sees. The jewelry and shoes are easily representative of this collection, as they also include every neon color in existence.

Urban Outfitters’s collection has such a 1950s feel which I absolutely love. They have such retro sunglasses in the prettiest colors. These are definitely my favorite. Their jewelry is dripping in jewels of all sizes and colors. Gorgeous. They kind of remind me of a castle or a king of some sort. They have a vast variety of different styles of shoes. A must have is the classic peach polka dot heels. The collections holds so many different styles. It has 1950s style heels but also carries blue cowboy booties and sneakers. The dresses in this collection have high scoop necks which will flatter any figure. The dresses and shorts have such a feminine fit which is an excellent quality in the spring. Perfect for picnics! Going along with this same unbelievable theme, the shorts are all high waisted and embellished with little polka dots or lace. The jeans in the collection come in classic spring pastels and prints but are all high waisted which adds that 50s feel that I was talking about. The collection also embraces the rocker style, incorporating oversized khaki and military jackets. This part of the collection does not appeal to me too much but I just died when I saw the rest of it (literally I screamed and teared up a bit) so I just had to include it in my favorites. I will definitely be purchasing most of, if not the entire, collection.

Thanks for reading! If you know of a spring 2013 collection that is better than these, please let me know!! I love looking at all the different ways stores do seasons. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel!