Fall 2014 Trends

My favorite season is almost here! I cannot wait for the brisk air and orange trees and, of course, the clothes! Fall clothes are always what I look forward to all year. So, today, I am going to tell you all about the trends for this fall.

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 5.42.23 PM

60s Style 

I am super excited for this trend; it is totally new and totally fun. This season, the streets will be filled with girls in A-line mini skirts and knee-high socks paired with oxfords. Another popular 60s style is the collared dress. My favorite style for this trend will be mid-length, long sleeved dresses. Specifically, this dress from the Lookbook Store is so trendy and elegant. The best thing about this trend is that it is so flattering.

Crazy Prints

Prints are not necessarily a new thing, but this year we are wearing them a little differently. We will see prints on all articles of clothing, and they will be paired with other prints. This outfit from Nordstrom shows the ‘mixing prints’ trend perfectly. This year, fashion is backwards: the more prints and the crazier the print, the better.

Wrap Coat

Much like the 60s style, this trend is extremely flattering. The wrap coat will literally look good on anyone – I swear. The tie immediately accentuates the waist, creating the illusion of both a smaller waist and a curvier body shape. I especially love wrap coats that have large collars.

Large Turtleneck

How appropriate for the fall – thank goodness! It is so great that a fall trend is actually going to keep us toasty warm this year. I just wish I kept the turtlenecks I wore from the 90s. I think this trend made a great comeback; enlarging the neckline of a turtleneck was genius, whoever thought that one up. It gives the old, worn out fashion a high-end, chic look.

Statement Bags

This trend is great because it is so customizable. A statement bag could literally be anything; it could look like an old boom box, it could say something, it could have tons of hardware on it, literally anything that makes it stand out. My favorite way to wear this trend is as a clutch.

Dress Over Pants

This trend I am a little hesitant about. It is pretty difficult to pull off wearing a dress over pants – not leggings – pants, like jeans. Do not get me wrong – I think the trend is so chic and I will definitely try to pull it off. I would say that the easiest way to wear this trend is with black skinny jeans.

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Spring 2014 Trends and Staples



dress – Francesca’s

coat – Forever 21

shoes – Urban Outfitters

bag – Towne House Shops 


skirt – H&M

top – Francesca’s

shoes – DSW (similar)

necklace – Lee Lee’s Forest


matching separates – Forever 21 (similar)

shoes – DSW

necklace – Betsey Johnson


jeans – Nordstrom

sweater – H&M

shoes – Jessica Simpson

necklace – Francesca’s

bag – Rebecca Minkoff 

How To Wear A Sweater

As it is officially sweater weather, I figured it would be an appropriate time to show you a few ways to wear a sweater, instead of just over jeans or with a skirt. I hope this gives you some inspiration!

With A Dress


This is a great way to dress up your sweater for the winter. You could also pair a dress with a long sweater, instead of a cropped one, like I did in this OOTD.

With Tights 


Everyone loves to wear leggings and a big sweater every day in the colder months, so here is a way to look cute while staying comfortable. Instead of just black leggings, I threw on some textured tights and added a pink tank under my sweater, to make sure it covered everything! It looks put together and adorable, but I feel like I’m wearing pajamas.

As A Dress


One of my favorite types of sweaters is a sweater dress. Sweater dresses are so pretty and can be dressed up or down. In this outfit, which I wore yesterday, I paired it with some heels and a big scarf. This is also a great way to wear colors in the fall and winter.

With Shorts


A sweater with shorts may seem like a typical outfit combo, but there are definitely ways to spice it up. I chose an 80s inspired outfit by pairing a retro cropped sweater with some high waisted shorts and black tights. You could also go with a longer sweater and tuck it in to the high waisted shorts.


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How To: Wear Color in the Fall


Hey guys! Once it hits Fall, so many people automatically switch to their grays and blacks and browns and banish the bright colors to the back of the closet. But, I am here to tell you to bring those colors back! They are not always only for summer and I am going to show you how to transition your colorful clothing into unique Fall and Winter pieces.

First way to wear color is as an accent to an outfit. It is a really great way to subtly wear color in the colder seasons. I would go with orange, yellow, green, and red. These are bright colors that are often found in the Fall season. So, take your bright orange scarf and pair it with a deep purple dress and some cute knee high socks. Also, if you have a bright colored hat, you can throw it on with any color coat and tall brown boots to add some flair to your style. This is one of my favorite ways to wear bright colors in the colder months because it is not too summer-y, but you can still incorporate happy colors into such a drab color theme.

Another one of my favorite ways to wear color in the Fall is on the face. Lipstick is a gorgeous way to add some spunk to your Fall look. I would suggest red because it is such a versatile lip color, but orange and pink would work as well. You can also use a lip color to pair with an accessory. For example, if you are wearing a pair of red suede ankle boots, a red lip would compliment them so well, and really tie the outfit together nicely.

The last way I like to wear color in Fall is with sweaters and coats. I think the contrast between the super warm, cozy fabric and super bright color is so unique. Even something as simple as a white sweater is a great example of this style. You can also wear a yellow or bright orange sweater. This way, you can stay warm, but still look happy and stand out.

Thank you so much for reading! Please let me know your favorite way to incorporate summer colors into your Fall style. Also tweet or instagram me your photo showing me how you wear color in the Fall @maurabugara