DIY: Blogging

If you have recently started a blog of any kind and are looking to get it out there, look no further; I am here to help! Of course, I have had my blog for less than a year, but I can definitely give you some great tips!

First of all, you need to POST! I would say that once you get your blog up and running, you should try to post every single day, at least once – twice if you can. This will show readers that your blog is exciting and you always have new content. I know I obviously do not post this much, but during the school year I do post more. So, do not worry about taking breaks from posting, but wait until you have had your blog for a while.

While you are busy busy busy posting on your blog, you need to let people know about it. Get on every social media out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – tell people about your blog! Each time you post, post a link to it on Facebook and Twitter. Also, find ways to connect with other influential social media users. For example, if I post an outfit using all F21 products, I will @Forever21 in my tweet. If a larger company or influential person retweets you, it is like gold!

Also be aware of the blogging community. Make sure that you read other blogs and follow other bloggers on social media sites. This will help you keep your blog updated and gain more followers.

Lastly, be real. Give your opinion about everything, because that is what people are looking for. They want new perspectives and new ideas and new inspiration. Give your readers a taste of your personality and lifestyle. Do not be afraid or shy to really get out there and share your wildest thoughts. They may be money makers. So really be yourself on your blog.

I really hope these tips come in handy for you! If you use any of them please let me know how it works out for you and I would love to see your blog! Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @maurabugara

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DIY: Storage Box

Hey guys! I have a particularly small room so, storage space is critical. I have discovered all kinds of ways to store things so that my room does not look atrociously cluttered. The main way I store things is in a box. Now, instead of buying expensive boxes, I make them. I just made one for my styling tools so I thought I would share the process with you. Here we go!



a shoebox

pictures of your choice

duct Tape (of any color or print)

scotch Tape


any other embellishments you would like to use

and a snack! because this is going to take a while

First, take the lid from the shoebox and cover it completely with duct tape. You can apply the duct tape however you wish-I go the organized way and just line it up in rows so it kind of looks like one continuous cover.


Next, apply any items that need to dry on your lid. For me, I painted some areas and then glued on some fun buttons, bells, and lace.


While those items are drying, take your photos and cut them into the size that you would like. If the photo is mainly of a person(s), I cut it so that all that is left is the person(s) and if the photo is of a building or the background looks nice, I just trim it a little. You can decide.


Once you have cut your photos, begin taping them to the sides of the shoebox. Use ‘doughnut style’ pieces of tape so that it is not visible. I suggest starting with all of the larger photos so that, if necessary, smaller photos can be placed on top of the larger ones. This will make the box have a more collage effect, like so…


Finally, make any finishing touches to your lid and place it back upon the box. Voilà! A gorgeous storage box, free of charge.


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you try this out; tell me how it goes, if you do! Let me know what else you would like to see on this blog or my YouTube channel! Thanks again!

Elle and Blair Skylark Palette Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys so this is the Elle and Blair Skylark makeup tutorial that I have been promising for just about ever so, sorry about that. I hope you like it! Like this video if you want me to do more tutorials and comment below for any requests or if you just wanna say hey! Subscribe to my YouTube channel!! Thanks SO much!!

NO-WORK, NO-HEAT Curls Over Night!

This is how I get my curls! This involves no heat and can be done over night with little preparation. It’s like a dream. Of course, everyone’s hair is different and some  hair may not hold the curls as well but if your hair is like mine (pin straight and too soft to hold any hairstyle) then this will work, for sure!

Step One:

You can start with wet or dry hair. If hair is wet, let it air dry or blow dry it to speed up the process. Gather all of your hair to the nape of your neck and twist it as tight as you possibly can.

twist hair

Step Two:

I think of this step as a shoelace; have you ever twisted a shoelace so tightly that it just wrapped around itself into a small bun? Maybe it’s just me-but try it and you’ll understand what I mean. Wrap your hair into the tightest bun you’ve ever created at the nape of your neck. Like so… (use as many hair ties as you need to keep it together!)


NOW GO TO SLEEP…. zzzzzz……

Step Three:

The next morning take out the bun. Use your fingers to shake out the single curl and create gorgeous, voluminous curls. Spray with hairspray and you’ve got no-work, no- heat beautiful curls over night.