3 Easy Ways to Make People Think You Are the Perfect Fashionista


Smell Good

For many of us, unless we have a particular obsession with fragrances, we often neglect perfume in the morning. An easy fix for this is to place your favorite scent next to the front door, in your car, or even in your bag – somewhere that you know you will see it. A quick two-second spritz before walking out of the house will make people think you spent so much time getting ready in the morning when you really just grabbed the perfume from beside the door as a last minute resort.

Have Pretty Nails

In the words of Morgan Stewart, “Having chipped nail polish is like having dirty underwear.” But, there is nothing more difficult than keeping nails in tip top shape; not everyone can get to a nail salon every week. Instead of dealing with the chipped nails, keep your nail polish color in your purse. This will make it extremely easy to fix any kind of nail polish chip. Bonus tip: throw in a small nail file too. This will also help you keep your nails in the perfect shape and keep a small crack from turning into a broken nail.

Never Go Naked

I 100 percent believe that the one thing that can pull together an entire look is lipstick. Lip color can make even the drabbest outfit look like it came right off the pages of Vogue. So, my tip is to never be seen with naked lips. But, we cannot all afford the time to constantly reapply and reapply and reapply. To solve this problem, invest in a lip stain! Even cheap ones will do the job. My favorites are L’Oreal’s Infallible lip color and Maybelline’s SuperStey 14hr Lipstick.


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