Spring Cleaning: How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of Spring! In honor of the new season, I am starting my Spring Cleaning series. First up: Cleaning Makeup Brushes. I know there are several makeup brand cleansers that are specially made for makeup brushes, but I have an easy and affordable alternative. No worries, this method is 100% safe for your brushes. I hope you enjoy and learn something new! Comment and let me know if this works for you! Thank you!

First, lay out all of your dirty makeup brushes and a CLEAN towel. The only thing you need for this is a shampoo of your choice. I am using the L’Oreal EverStrong Thickening Shampoo.



Next, start washing! Start by running the warm water over the brush. KEEP THE BRUSH POINTED DOWNWARD! If you hold the brush with the bristles facing up, the water will get into the shaft of the brush and loosen the glue that holds the bristles to the brush. After you wet the brush, just squeeze a dollop of shampoo into your hand and gently swirl the brush on your hand until the color of the suds produced from the brush are colorless and gone. For bigger, dirtier brushes, you may have to repeat this process.





Lastly, lay each brush on the towel. It is important that the brushes are not standing up because the water will drip into the brush and loosen the bristles. So, I lay them flat on a clean towel and let them dry over night.



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