Fashion 101: Shoes

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Hey everyone! I am beginning a new series called “Fashion 101”. Each post will feature a different fashion piece (tops, jeans, accessories, bags, etc.) I will explain my favorites of that category and how I wear them and the current trend for the category. For the first post of the series I will feature my favorite of all favorites: shoes.


Currently, my favorite shoes that I own are my “Levi” heels from ShoeDazzle (worn in this outfit). They are not sold online anymore, but there is a similar pair here. Oddly enough, I have not actually worn these that often because they are summer shoes and I bought them in September. They are the main reason why I cannot wait for Spring. My dream shoes are these Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes. Of course there is no sign of me getting these in the near future, but maybe in the far (far) future.


The Spring trends this year for shoes are pretty eclectic. Both flats and heels are on trend this season. The heel trend is  either a pointy toe and “old fashioned” low heel or a strappy pump. The strappy sandal trend is also seen in flats, but flats this season are also continuing the trend of a man’s business shoe. Snake prints and metallics are all over the runway on both heels and flats; BIG trend this year. These trends can be seen all in one shoe or completely separate from each other.

From the Runway To Reality

These trends are fantastic, but not everyone can buy multiple pairs of designer shoes (at least I cannot) so, here are some some affordable alternatives: snake print, metallic, strappy pump, low heel, flat.

My absolute favorite way to wear shoes is with jeans. I am obsessed with taking a regular pair of skinnies, rolling them up, and slipping on a pair of cute pumps, like in this outfit. I also really love pairing heels with another big trend: the midi skirt. With any midi skirt, it is helpful to wear a heel in order to elongate your legs because midi skirts can make your legs appear super short if worn wrong. 

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment and let me know if you like this series and what other fashion pieces you would like me to feature in it. Also, check out my Twitter and Instagram @maurabugara


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