Surviving Winter for Beauties with Thin Hair


I know that winter is almost over (definitely in other states), but there is currently snow on the ground here and there is more on the way. All season my hair has been fighting against the bitter cold and FINALLY, at the end of winter – great timing – won the battle.

First, a little background on my hair type. I  have thin hair, which means that it easily gets greasy and dirty. Consequently, I have to wash my hair every night, otherwise it is flat and literally looks wet from oils. Because of the constant shampooing and extreme weather, my hair is crazy dry and static-y. But, because of how fine my hair is, I cannot use a deep conditioner, hair mask, or even use too much of my standard conditioner. This is such a difficult predicament I have been in this winter, but I finally found a cure and I need to share it.

So, my current routine is to wash my hair normally every night (as usually) and then about once or twice a week I do a deep condition. I just use my regular conditioner and apply a generous amount all over my hair (as apposed to just the ends) and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. Then, I rinse the conditioner and rewash my hair with a small amount of shampoo, just on the top of my head. This allows my hair to soak up all of the conditioner, but the shampoo removes any residue that might weigh down my hair and make it greasy. Additionally, I use a bit of hair oil on my ends later in the week when my hair becomes a little dryer.

I have found that when I do this I have absolutely no problems with static and my hair is not greasy or too flat. I am going to start using coconut oil for this (instead of regular conditioner) and see how that works. You can use any type of hair moisturizer; there are great lists of different kinds here and here. You can also make one at home.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment your favorite hair mask to use and if you try out my method, let me know if it works for you! Make sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram @maurabugara


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