Obsession: ShoeDazzle


I have a new addiction! Recently, I tried out JustFab and ShoeMint. I loved each one, but I did not like JustFab’s commitment and ShoeMint’s prices. Then, I stumbled upon a little site called ShoeDazzle, and I was in love. ShoeDazzle does not require a monthly payment and the prices are to die for.

To start, each shoe is about $35, if not less. There are some shoes that are on the more expensive side, but I have found that I do not see many of them and the less expensive shoes are the same quality. Also, the website randomly gives its VIP members $9.95 to spend on whatever they want – there is probably a reason behind the credit, but I have not figured it out yet.

The site is like all the other shoe sites like JustFab and ShoeMint in that when you sign up, they have you fill out a survey so they can create a showroom of items you would enjoy most. They also have jewelry and handbags, which I have indulged in tremendously. The jewelry is a little more expensive than most places, but it is really nice and it’s free shipping so why not, right?

Okay well I just wanted to let you guys know about this site because I have found so much joy in using it and I really hope you will check it out. Instagram or tweet me (@maurabugara) a photo of shoes or a bag or some jewelry that you bought from ShoeDazzle! Thanks so much!!


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