How To: Styling!

Hey guys! This post is a little inspired by my other post about blogging, in that it is a bunch of tips of how to style yourself, your friends, your grandmother, anyone. These are all my opinion, but I think they are pretty basic and fundamental so, they can definitely be altered to fit your particular style.

First, always dress appropriately! There are two ways to do this; one is to dress according to the weather. Always check the weather for the place you are going to and the day on which you will be there. I know it is obvious to just assume it will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the weather can surprise you, which is currently very evident here in Jersey. Please check out my How To Dress For the In Between Season post for tips on dressing for certain weather forecasts. The second appropriate way to dress is according to the event you are attending. Whether it be school or a gala, make sure you are not too revealing, too under dressed or too over dressed. I, personally, think that work outfits should be more conservative than a night out outfit, and can be more conservative that your weekend wardrobe, but that is entirely up to you. I say dress nice to work, fun at night, and experiment on the weekend.

Second, do not be TOO conservative. I went through a phase as a middle school student, during which I would wear a camisole or tank top under everything. I carried this trend on for a while because I thought I was never completely covered unless I wore a camisole. Then, one day, I realized it is possible to wear just one shirt! I think people often make the mistake of layering unnecessarily. If your shirt is not cut too low, and does not show your stomach in an unflattering way, you do not need an undershirt and please do not wear one! Trust me, it is like a whole new world wearing less layers.

Next, take risks! Do not be afraid to mix prints, styles, and textures. I suggest always trying on a combination before nixing it because, honestly, you really do not know if something looks good until it is on your body. And definitely think outside of the box. There is no shame in being creative with your style, so look at your closet and put together the two most different items – it could spark inspiration. Also, look for new ways to wear things. Scarfs, for example, can be belts or head pieces or even shirts. Getting creative with your clothing will expand your closet and amp up your style.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to accessorize! Accessories, I think, MAKE the entire outfit. They really tie it together and, sometimes, are the biggest aspect to an outfit. I would recommend investing in some good jewelry. And by “good”, I mean diverse. Buy bangles that have tons of styles and colors in one set. This way, you can pair each bangle separately with a different outfit. Also, necklaces are becoming more and more prominent in today’s style so, definitely get some huge statement necklaces; they can turn a plain tee into a cute detailed blouse.

Lastly, own your own style. I have given you all of these tips for styling, but I think the most important tip is to be confident. If you are not the kind of person that wears leopard shoes and leather jackets, use it to your advantage and rock that shift dress and flats. There is a style for everyone whether it be preppy, edgy, grunge, sporty, or vintage. Your style is out there so, own it.

Thanks so much for reading! Comment and let me know your style or let me know if any of these tips helped you out!

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