DIY: Blogging

If you have recently started a blog of any kind and are looking to get it out there, look no further; I am here to help! Of course, I have had my blog for less than a year, but I can definitely give you some great tips!

First of all, you need to POST! I would say that once you get your blog up and running, you should try to post every single day, at least once – twice if you can. This will show readers that your blog is exciting and you always have new content. I know I obviously do not post this much, but during the school year I do post more. So, do not worry about taking breaks from posting, but wait until you have had your blog for a while.

While you are busy busy busy posting on your blog, you need to let people know about it. Get on every social media out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – tell people about your blog! Each time you post, post a link to it on Facebook and Twitter. Also, find ways to connect with other influential social media users. For example, if I post an outfit using all F21 products, I will @Forever21 in my tweet. If a larger company or influential person retweets you, it is like gold!

Also be aware of the blogging community. Make sure that you read other blogs and follow other bloggers on social media sites. This will help you keep your blog updated and gain more followers.

Lastly, be real. Give your opinion about everything, because that is what people are looking for. They want new perspectives and new ideas and new inspiration. Give your readers a taste of your personality and lifestyle. Do not be afraid or shy to really get out there and share your wildest thoughts. They may be money makers. So really be yourself on your blog.

I really hope these tips come in handy for you! If you use any of them please let me know how it works out for you and I would love to see your blog! Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @maurabugara

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