Get Out and Soak Up The Sun!


Hey everyone! Regardless of the rain, Summer is practically here! So, it is time to get out at soak up the sun. Every Summer, I face the near impossible decision of what to do with my life. And, granted, every Summer, I spend most of it in bed or on the couch. But! This year I am changing that, and I want to help you change it too. So, here are some new, fun activities to do this Summer.

Go Outside

This is the oldest saying in the book, but I have some fun ways of obeying it. The best thing about Summer is being able to go outside at night. Now that it’s warmer, nights are longer and more bearable without a sweater. My favorite thing to do at night is have a bon fire. Grab some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate and have a bunch of friends over. Also, add to the fun with a movie. Throw a sheet up between two trees and put a projector on with your favorite movie.

Hit the Road

The beach is a typical place to go during the Summer. Many people do not realize how easy it is to go to the beach. For many, the beach is just down the street, while others have a bit of a further travel (I am an hour and a half away), it is totally worth the drive. It is so easy to just grab a towel, sunscreen, and a magazine and head to paradise. For those of you who are nowhere near a beach, find a lake to go to. It’s such a different, unique way to get a tan and go for a swim.

Get to Work

Summer projects are so much fun. Now that the snow is off the ground and the rain has stopped falling (for the most part), outdoor projects are easy. I know this term does have some unpleasant connotations – gardening, power washing, yard cleaning, but there are some kinds of yard work that are a little less agonizing. Crafting outside is so much fun during the summer. You can spray paint, glue and build. This is also a great way to spruce up the house or backyard.

… Actually Get to Work 

A summer job is perfect. If you are like me, you have a small shopping addiction. Getting a job is so convenient when you love indulging in the latest trends. During the Summer, job opportunities increase as more activities become possible. Lifeguard, ice cream stand employee, and camp counselor are all great summer jobs that will be just as fun as hanging out with friends. So, get out there and APPLY!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you try out some of these things and if you do tweet me or Instagram me (@maurabugara) using the hashtag soakupthesun.


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