Prom Prep: Face


Hey guys!! My prom is coming up really soon so, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you how I am prepping for the big day. I am going to be talking about my face today and what I will be doing to get it photo-ready.

Starting now (my prom is on April 26th), I am using my acne medicine every night, which, actually, I do not usually do. because I have extremely sensitive skin. My current acne cream is Acanya which is a fantastic on the spot treatment, but it really irritates my skin. In fact, I am trying with all my might not to scratch my face off today. But, I have to deal because anything milder will not get rid of my acne and I am really breaking out right now. Anyway, if you are like me, start using your acne medicine NOW. Trust me, you will thank yourself on prom day when your face is zit-free. Also, make sure you are moisturizing at least once a day. If you are not an avid moisturizer, become one. This will help balance out the drying out and irritation from the acne cream.

I am planning to get my eyebrows done this week and then I will get them done a day or two before prom. Of course, my eyebrows do not grow too quickly and my hair is blonde so they are not very noticeable. If you have darker eyebrows, you might want to consider getting them done more often between now and prom, and then getting them done the day of or the day before prom.

Make sure you are keeping your lips nice and smooth. For this special occasion, I would exfoliate once or twice a week from now until prom and apply lip balm continuously. Smooth lips are crucial for a perfect lipstick or lip gloss application on the big day.

*Side note: If you can, try not to wear a ton of foundation. Of course, if you have a huge red spot on your face or something that needs immediate attention, go for it. But, if there is no real emergency, do not bother. It will save your skin from future breakouts.

Thank you so much for reading!! Look out for more Prom Prepping posts. Make sure you follow my blog and check out my YouTube channel. Also, follow my on Twitter @maurabugara!!


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