Tag: Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

1) How long does it take you to edit/write a post?

It takes me about five minutes to take and upload my OOTD each day. Videos can take about 30-45 minutes to edit and then it has to finalize and export for just about ever.

2) Are you a spender or saver?

Definitely a saver. I really love shopping and I would do it every day for the rest of my life but I have a serious problem spending money. I honestly do not know what the problem is. I think I am just afraid that I will regret spending it, I do not know.

3) What type of post do you enjoy writing/recording?

I most enjoy writing reviews or anything written pretty much. I love writing so, writing about fashion is like a dream.

4) Do your friends and family know about your blog/channel?

Yes they do. Shout out to the fam!

5) Are you most likely to buy a bag or a pair of shoes?

Shoes. I do not wear bags too often because I carry a backpack to school and I really do not have that many items to carry on the weekends so, definitely shoes.

6) What clothing item do you wear way too much?

I think I wear knee-high or mid-calf socks way too much. I wear them AT LEAST three times a week, usually more. It is a problem.

7) Are the outfits you post really what you wear in public?

Absolutely. I upload the picture and head to school.

8) Who or what inspired you to start your blog/channel?

I started my blog one day when I was sick. I had been dying to start one for a very long time, but just was not getting around to it. Then I read Mr. Kate’s blogpost about starting your own blog. I barely read the post and just decided to start my blog that day. I honestly do not know what my thought process was-the whole thing was very spontaneous.

9) Whats your style mantra?

My style is every style. I really love all the trends and fashions that people try so I like to incorporate them into my style. I also love love love to clash styles. I will wear a pink bow and a leather jacket with skinny jeans and combat boots. I like to be unpredictable so, I guess that is my style.

Thank you guys so much for reading this! I will be back from my cruise in a few days and will start my prom series very soon, so look out for that!!

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