Cruise Series: Online Cruise Haul

Hey guys! As I said in my cruise haul video, I am doing a blog post of everything I ordered online for my cruise. So here it is. All of these items are from Forever 21, which is fantastic because they have free shipping for a purchase over $50. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you love and what you hate or if you have any of these items!


So, this first piece is a red woven A-line skirt. Unfortunately, it is sold out so I have to find a substitute for it. I have been looking all weekend and apparently red skirts do not exist anymore. Bummer for me. But I will keep looking and let you know how it works out!


I ordered this lace crop top in white. It is super cute and lace is so pretty. The lace contrasts really nicely with the whole ‘rebel crop top’ look – I just love it.


This crop top screams cruise, which is pretty much why I bought it. I think it will look fantastic on a boat because it is so sailor-esque. It is so simple but SO SO adorable, right?


Oh my gosh. This might be one of my favorites. The color could not be more gorgeous and the structure could not be more flattering. I will be wearing this to dinner with some super cute heels. I cannot wait!!


This dress is a great coverup. Although it obviously does not tie closed, the wrap around the waist definitely gives it that illusion. The colors are great cruise colors and it will go with a ton of different things.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Look out for more of my cruise series and make sure you check out my YouTube channel! Thank you so much!


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