Oscars: Worst Dressed

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I love her, but Melissa McCarthy could have chose a more fitting attire for this occasion. The color of this frock did not fit well with her skin tone and the shape of the dress was non-existent. She would have looked incredible in a ball gown, maybe even something without sleeves.


As much as I love pink, Fan Bingbing did not impress with this explosion of fuchsia. The fabric could have been something 100 times lighter such as chiffon. The pleating/layering/I am not really sure what to call it is in no way flattering and I cannot figure out where her body is. Also, the bodice makes the dress seem as though it does not fit her and is about to fall of.


Jennifer Garner chose such a gorgeous color and definitely one which is trending this season, but she could have done without the tail. This dress is so simply elegant in the front, but the feathers draping out of her backside resemble a large tail which is, in no way, flattering. I would have loved this dearly if it did not make her look like a bird.


Nicole Kidman must have been heading off to fight a battle in this armor-esque gown. The fit is fabulous and I absolutely love the way the skirt narrows at her knees. But, I have a serious problem with the colors and sequins on this thing. The brown, black, gold and orange colors clearly do not mix well together. Pair them with the sequins and swirly design at the bottom and this dress is instantly downgraded.


Rachel Mwanza is such a cutie pie, but she could have toned it down a bit this year. The 80s prom dress never flattered anyone and it sure does not look any better with a million colors thrown on it. Also, her shoes were a little too obvious, a nice gold shoe or something more subtle would have turned this ensemble down at least one notch.


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