Cruise Series: Protect Your Face!


Hey guys! As we all know, I AM GOING ON A CRUISE! And with all the islands, fruity drinks, and relaxing beaches comes the harsh rays from the sun. I cannot stress how important skin protection is, especially for your face. I have had my fair share of skin damage from the sun and I have had enough of it! (Just to clarify, I know that suntanning is technically skin damage but I do not count it as so. My idea of skin damage is sunburn because I cannot afford to not get a tan during the summer-it is the only reason I like the summer.) Being Italian, my skin has an exceptional immunity to the sun. This makes it easy for me to avoid sunburn, but I still need to protect it because I can get a little sunburned if I am too careless. My face is the most affected area of my skin, as my nose and cheeks get sunburned almost every time I go to the beach. I have three ways of protecting my face that I use most often.

The most important and effective way I protect my face is by using sunscreen. I just grab a drugstore face stick that is “sweat-proof”. I apply this all over my face before I leave for the beach and will put it on two more times while I am there. I think the main reason why people, specifically me, get sunburn is because we do not reapply. Of course sunscreen is great at the beginning of the day and you feel like there is nothing stopping you from a nice, red-free tan, but as the day goes on your defense mechanism dies down. From sweat, water, and just time passing, sunscreen will become weaker or rub off. This is why it is crucial to reapply as often as you can.

A second way to hid your face from the sun is to literally hid it… with a hat! Big hats are one of my favorite accessories on a beach. They are incredibly elegant and classy and perfect skin protectors! The large brim will cover your face completely and shade your precious skin as well as your eyes so you do not have to constantly squint. Now, wearing a hat will prevent you from getting a tan, but I take it off every once in a while and if I am going into the water. The hat will allow you to get an adequate amount of exposure to the sun so that you can end up with a sun kissed glow without damaging your skin.

Lastly, I make sure my lips are being treated like queens! A lip sunscreen is the extremely important, especially for someone with such dry and fragile lips like me. Many times, lips can be overlooked because they are already red so it is hard to tell when they are sunburned. But, let me tell you, sunburned lips are in no way fun. They hurt like crazy; eating, talking, especially laughing, become so painful you will want to purchase brand new lips. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for me, apply, apply, and reapply lip sunscreen! You will thank me later.

Thanks so much for reading! Keep checking this blog and my YouTube channel for more of my cruise series!


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