Review: Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar


All my life I have been battling acne ferociously. Finally, about two years ago, I got my skin under control and could reduce my breakouts significantly. Nightly, I use Acanya gel, but that has never done the complete job for me. I dance three nights a week, so I sweat a lot and I, obviously, wear makeup so I figured I needed a general cleanser to use every night. Well, I tried everything! Nothing really left my face spotless and really feeling 100% clean. The cleansers I had been trying were all either “oil-free” or “for dry skin”-something specific to a skin type.

Then, last week, I realized that I don’t need a specific type of facial cleanser I just need plain old soap to get out all the dirt that collects on my face throughout the day. That is when it hit me! I need a bar of soap for my face. So I quickly did a little research on the best facial soaps and the top two I found most popular were Dove and Neutrogena. So I ran into ShopRite (grabbed some Girl Scout cookies) and picked up the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar. I wanted to get the Dover bar too, but yhey did not have it so, instead, I got the Clean and Clear facial cleanser.

I have not yet tried the Clean and Clear cleanser because I started with the Neutrogena soap and I do not want to stop using it. Every time I use it my face feels like there is not a single piece of dirt on it. I bought it last Saturday and since then I got two pimples, but the areas where I always have constant acne are clearing up magically. Plus, the two pimples are already gone. Also, my skin has always been equally dry and oily in different areas so it has been so difficult for me to find an adequate cleanser. The Neutrogena cleanser really helps to even out my complexion and I do notve any more problems with the texture of my skin. I think what happens is that the soap dries my skin just a little so that when I moisturize it does not make my skin too oily-it is perfect.

Let me know what you use! Or, if you have tried this let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!!!



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