Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Hey guys! So, we all know the greatest day of the year is coming up in just six days!!! AAHHH! I am so overly excited, you have no idea. Valentine’s Day is my favorite day ever. I thought I would exercise my creative muscles and come up with some cute, fun ideas for you and your special someone. I hope you like them! Let me know if you try any of them and tell me how they went!

Stay At Home


I think this is my favorite idea. I stumbled upon this gorgeous outdoor setting on Pinterest over the summer and have not stopped thinking about it. I have been dying to give it a go because the outdoors at night is my favorite thing, plus it has such an old-timey drive-in feel. This can easily be done with a mattress or a small couch that is relatively close to the ground/easy to move outside. A sheet can be hung between two trees and used as the movie screen. Lanterns and/or christmas lights can be hung around trees and don’t forget the popcorn! Using an urban-y, earth-y bowl will tie together the whole ‘outdoors’ theme together nicely. The only problem might be finding a projector. Lucky for you, I have found two that might be useful. This one is pretty affordable, but if you are willing to stretch that bill, this one would be best. I would not advise buying this if you are only going to use it this one time, but it may come in handy and it is such a fun way to watch a movie any time. Otherwise, you can always find a friend to borrow one from.

For the not-so-outdoorsy type, this can also be done inside. Just use an empty wall for the screen and set up as many pillows and blankets as you have on the floor. You can also add roses to set the Valentine’s Day mood. Shut the lights, and put out some candles. All that’s left is picking the movie! I suggest an old time classic like Titanic or Sleepless in Seattle.

A Night On The Town


A night out is ALWAYS on the list for date night. Take him/her out and just do not tell them where you are going. Surprise them with an elegant dinner in New York or Philly (of course, if you live around the area) and go see a show! Wicked is playing at the Gershwin Theater, 8pm! Of course, this can be done in any part of the world. Go into the nearest city and splurge a little on a super classy dinner. If you cannot get to Broadway, just go check out the local theater’s newest production. Or, if you do not want to risk being stuck at the very lively, but very loud children’s version of Annie, head to the movie theater. I suggest Warm Bodies or Safe Haven-great romantics that are sure to set the lovey-dovey mood. If you wanna add a little something special, get a horse-drawn carriage for the night. They should be plentiful in New York, but if they are not available in the city where you are going, get a limo.


Valentine's Day Celebration

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, surprises are always sure to win they heart of your sweetheart. Show up on his/her doorstep with flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear and whatever else you want to throw in there! Go to a nice breakfast or brunch somewhere special. This next part is all up to you! Choose his/her favorite place (within reason) and go! It could be the beach, a park, a pottery place, anything! Then end the night with a nice dinner a walk in the park or something he/she really loves doing whether it be reading by the fire or night sledding. Make the day about you two and do things you have always said you would. If you want to expand on the adventure, make the entire day with a scavenger hunt. He/She is guaranteed to love the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen next-I know I would!

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