Trend to Try

I have been absolutely dying to try this new trend that I saw on lookbook recently. I cannot believe I have not already tried this-it is literally genius. Okay, maybe not genius but I am dying to finally try it out. I cannot find the picture anymore and I’m so mad at myself. The photo was of a girl wearing all black and grey and then her lips were bright neon orange. When I saw the picture I was immediately drawn to her lips. I did not even realize that she was in all black-the lips totally pulled everything together. I love using makeup as an accessory because I feel like not many people do that so it is such a fresh trend to use. I think I am going to try it out tomorrow-CANNOT WAIT. So look out for that OOTD and try it yourself and show me or just tell me how you like it. Thanks for reading! Subscribe! And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel!


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