Maura’s Mind: Heels vs. Flats and Accidentally, My Take on Platform Heels


Which do you like better? I, personally, am obsessed with heels. I would definitely wear them every day if I had enough. But, at the same time, I love how flats fit. I really only wear flats in the summer, but I will occasionally throw a pair on in the fall or winter. My winter flats are usually tall boots or a closed shoe with laces or something of that nature. I think the main reason why I love heels is because in the winter (my favorite season) they are ankle booties which is my favorite type of shoe. But, at the same time, I do love an old fashioned, NO-PLATFORM heel.

That’s another thing! UGH, PLATFORMS! I do not like platforms. I miss the days when women walked high-for REAL. I feel like platforms are a whimpy escape from wearing heels. Beauty is pain girls and unless you are feeling it-it is not working. Or at least that is how I feel about it. I just think that if you are going to wear heels, you should go all out and wear heels 100% not “3/4″%. Now, I guess I cannot talk because I have a pair or two of heels with a platform. But, I wish I did not. Of course, platform is small and barely does anything for me but, still, I guess I am being a bit hypocritical. But think about it-remember platform flip flops? They were atrocious and no one liked them. How is this any different!?  How is this prettier than this? I can understand how it may be edgier and go with the look but sometimes it is simply a train wreck. I want to go back to the 50s when heels hurt because they were heels and there was no questions about it. Gosh, I was definitely born in the wrong time period-which you will find to be true as I post more and more of my opinions.

Tell me what you think! I love discussing shoes; there’s too much to say about them! Also, look out for two more posts today about trends this season.


2 thoughts on “Maura’s Mind: Heels vs. Flats and Accidentally, My Take on Platform Heels

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Heels, fashion and beauty should hurt or you are doing it wrong. As a fellow heel lover – with NO platform – I can totally see your point! I wear heels every day, to the point my doctor has told me off! Fashion is pain…. but its so worth it! Love your writing 🙂

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