NO-WORK, NO-HEAT Curls Over Night!

This is how I get my curls! This involves no heat and can be done over night with little preparation. It’s like a dream. Of course, everyone’s hair is different and some  hair may not hold the curls as well but if your hair is like mine (pin straight and too soft to hold any hairstyle) then this will work, for sure!

Step One:

You can start with wet or dry hair. If hair is wet, let it air dry or blow dry it to speed up the process. Gather all of your hair to the nape of your neck and twist it as tight as you possibly can.

twist hair

Step Two:

I think of this step as a shoelace; have you ever twisted a shoelace so tightly that it just wrapped around itself into a small bun? Maybe it’s just me-but try it and you’ll understand what I mean. Wrap your hair into the tightest bun you’ve ever created at the nape of your neck. Like so… (use as many hair ties as you need to keep it together!)


NOW GO TO SLEEP…. zzzzzz……

Step Three:

The next morning take out the bun. Use your fingers to shake out the single curl and create gorgeous, voluminous curls. Spray with hairspray and you’ve got no-work, no- heat beautiful curls over night.


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