Newest Addiction: Pose

I have recently discovered a new social networking website for fashion and I am in absolute love with it! Pose is a website very similar to Pinterest, in terms of layout. It has the same layout as Pinterest and you can ‘love’ posts and share them. In addition, Pose also allows you to create “collections” which are similar to boards. You can upload your own pictures, or poses, and put them into these collections, or you can add other poses, from your feed, to the collections. Unlike Pinterest, when you post a pose you can click on different items in your picture and choose from the wide variety of articles of clothing and stores to inform viewers of what you are wearing. Then, when your pose is uploaded and on other people’s feeds, they can hover over an piece of your outfit and find out where to buy it. Sooo convenient, right?

This site is super easy to set up and kind of really fun. When you set up your Pose, you take a quiz about what kind of style you enjoy or what you are looking to see on Pose. Then, the website will follow people for you and they show up on your feed each time you sign on. The outfit ideas go on forever!

The site is also a fantastic networking site. I just set mine up a couple weeks ago so this is not the case for me, but all of the people I follow have more than 100,000 followers. So, I need to frequent my posts and fill it with more content. But, once I do that, I am sure to have many followers. Totally get a Pose, if you have not already, I promise it will be worth it.


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