Fall 2014 Trends

My favorite season is almost here! I cannot wait for the brisk air and orange trees and, of course, the clothes! Fall clothes are always what I look forward to all year. So, today, I am going to tell you all about the trends for this fall.

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60s Style 

I am super excited for this trend; it is totally new and totally fun. This season, the streets will be filled with girls in A-line mini skirts and knee-high socks paired with oxfords. Another popular 60s style is the collared dress. My favorite style for this trend will be mid-length, long sleeved dresses. Specifically, this dress from the Lookbook Store is so trendy and elegant. The best thing about this trend is that it is so flattering.

Crazy Prints

Prints are not necessarily a new thing, but this year we are wearing them a little differently. We will see prints on all articles of clothing, and they will be paired with other prints. This outfit from Nordstrom shows the ‘mixing prints’ trend perfectly. This year, fashion is backwards: the more prints and the crazier the print, the better.

Wrap Coat

Much like the 60s style, this trend is extremely flattering. The wrap coat will literally look good on anyone – I swear. The tie immediately accentuates the waist, creating the illusion of both a smaller waist and a curvier body shape. I especially love wrap coats that have large collars.

Large Turtleneck

How appropriate for the fall – thank goodness! It is so great that a fall trend is actually going to keep us toasty warm this year. I just wish I kept the turtlenecks I wore from the 90s. I think this trend made a great comeback; enlarging the neckline of a turtleneck was genius, whoever thought that one up. It gives the old, worn out fashion a high-end, chic look.

Statement Bags

This trend is great because it is so customizable. A statement bag could literally be anything; it could look like an old boom box, it could say something, it could have tons of hardware on it, literally anything that makes it stand out. My favorite way to wear this trend is as a clutch.

Dress Over Pants

This trend I am a little hesitant about. It is pretty difficult to pull off wearing a dress over pants – not leggings – pants, like jeans. Do not get me wrong – I think the trend is so chic and I will definitely try to pull it off. I would say that the easiest way to wear this trend is with black skinny jeans.

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B2S: School Bag Essentials

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1. Oil Absorbing Wipes

2. Lip Balm

3. Listerine Strips

4. Lip/Cheek Stain

5. Moisturizer

6. Hair Essentials

7. Nail File

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I have given you some new items to throw into your bag this school year. Comment or tweet me @maurabugara and let me know your number one item that you put in your school bag.

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B2S: Time-Saving Beauty Tricks

IMG_6511During the school year, I have very little time to do anything – either I lay in bed and have to rush getting ready, or it is super late at night and have five minutes to shower. Whatever it is, I try to do everything I can to save a little time. Here are my little tricks to save you some time during the school year.

Vaseline: The Miracle Product

I suggest buying a huge tub of Vaseline. It can be used for so many things from lips to feet. But, there is one use in particular that really comes in handy when you’re running late either in the morning for school or at night to hang out with friends. I use Vaseline for my zits, that’s right, my zits. I just apply a little dab of vaseline over the blemish in the morning and by the time I leave my house, the redness is completely gone. Now, it does not completely get rid of the zit, but it makes it easier for me to cover it up and I do not have to worry about the redness showing through my concealer throughout the day.

Tame Those Brows

This trick is for when you are at school or somewhere with your friends and you cannot get to your makeup. Whenever my brows get a little out-of-wack in the middle of the day, I just run to the bathroom and smooth a little moisturizer over them and it keeps them in place and looking good.

Make Your Shave Last Longer

I think most people go longer than usual without shaving in the winter, but here is a tip that will help you keep your smooth legs without needing to shave every day. Before shaving, exfoliate your legs. This will remove any dead skin, allowing you to get a closer shave that lasts for days. I prefer using an exfoliating rock, but a body scrub will also work well.

Quick-Clean Your Eyeliner Brush

If you use waterproof gel liner, you want to read this tip. I always when I reach for my eyeliner brush and it is hardened from the waterproof gel liner that was left on it from the previous day. So, what I do to prevent this is quickly wipe off the liner with a makeup wipe immediately after I use it. This way, I do not have to spend time deep cleaning my eyeliner brush the next morning.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you find these tips and tricks useful. Comment or Tweet me @maurabugara (#MaurasTimeSavingTips) and let me know your favorite tip!

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